Equipping Next
Generation Leaders

Since 1926, Kanakuk has been the Christian summer camp for over 450,000 youth. As a world leader among Christian summer camps, Joe White and his committed Kanakuk staff provide children with fun, safe and professional outdoor youth camping experiences that grow them spiritually, physically, emotionally, and socially.

Kanakuk Kamps

Countless families have sent their children to Kanakuk to allow them the opportunity to grow in faith, confidence, and Christian character. Over the decades, we've seen entire families transformed.

A Family of Ministries

Kanakuk Ministries not only operates Christian sports camps, but also serves children, college students, and parents through global outreach ministries, providing evangelism, spiritual training, food, health, education, and more.


Equipping Next Generation Leaders.It's more than our mission, it's our heartbeat. Click below to see our mission in action.

I'm Third

At Kanakuk, we live I'm Third. The I'm Third message is a foundation of our teaching at Kanakuk, reinforcing the importance of putting God First, Others Second, and I'm Third.

How You Can Help

Your generosity enables us to "Evangelize and equip the next generation to reach the world for Christ!" A donation to the General Fund allows Kanakuk the flexibility to meet emerging needs and challenges for the ministry. These unrestricted gifts are used in the current operating year, providing discretionary funds to be allocated where they are most needed.

2-Ways to Give

Click below to give an online cash donation or a non-cash gift such as stock, equipment, or vehicles.